Meet the Monumental Macrame Team

Teresa Alexander

"The Artist"

Before macrame, I'd always struggled with determining a career path. Working retail or customer service jobs for most of my life, I would come home unhappy and feeling like i was missing something. Macrame has brought a whole new world of color and light into my life. I draw a lot of my inspiration from a few very close relatives and I’ve always loved working with my hands so art came naturally to me. My aunt Reece was a big motivation as a child. She would sit there in front of her tv show crocheting away, making beautiful blankets in no time at all and barely ever looking down. I remember thinking “I wish I could do that”. She tried teaching me when I was around 8 years old and I loved it but nothing really stuck. I’ve dreamt of my own business for a long time and have always had envy for the people who have been able to do that for themselves. I would sit on Instagram daydreaming a lot. When crocheting didn’t work, I kinda gave up on the thought but I always knew there was something for me there.

Another human of inspiration was my aunt Di. She was a beautiful painter and artist. For the past few years she’s had cancer and recently passed away in Jan. Of 2019. Going through a particularly difficult series of hospital visits and losing my job 2 days after her funeral I was crushed, hurt, lost, confused, ashamed. Questioning everything, I didn’t know what to do or how to cope. As scary as that choice was to make, not having a traditional job and allowing someone to support me while I chased this “crazy” dream has been so rewarding. I have been able to share my passion and joy for art with others through the love of my work. This year has been crazy to say the least, and Monumental Macrame has been nothing but a wonderful challenge and experience. I love to make creative and unique artwork and I'm so excited to share all of my new ideas with you! I'm so appreciative of everyone who stops by, thank you for all the love!